Top 5 reasons why there’s no such thing as a “Bad Run”


"That run sucked!" "Yesterday's run about killed me!" "I got so hot I felt like I couldn't breathe" "Horrible run" "Not flat and too hot!" "Are you trying to kill me?" That is just some of the colorful feedback that I got from my clients last week. I wasn't … [Read more...]

5 Secrets to Speed Up Recovery

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It's July. It's HOT! If you are training for a triathlon or marathon your workouts are getting longer and harder. Now is the time to focus on techniques to help speed up your body's ability to recover. If you feel like you've hit a wall with your training it may be … [Read more...]

Introducing: BioEndurance Energy Bars

I am proud to announce the launch of BioEndurance Bars! As many of you know, I am a Nutritionist, Triathlon Coach and Athlete. I am not a bar maker. How did these bars come about? These bars were created because I was asked again and again by my clients, "Which energy … [Read more...]

BioEndurance is growing: My 5 “a-ha” moments since finding out I’m pregnant

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I am thrilled to share our big news! We are expecting a baby in November! It's our first so we are so happy and couldn't be more excited! These first few months have been really interesting. I have learned some good life lessons that I think could be helpful to an endurance … [Read more...]

The truth about dairy – 5 facts you need to know to make an informed decision

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We all remember the Dairy Council ads with athletes and celebrities sporting milk mustaches and the tag-line: "Milk: It does a body good." The question is, does it really? What about milk alternatives - are they any better for us? I am going to lay out some surprising facts … [Read more...]